Arizona Jennifer Krystle

Jennifer Krystle – Phoenix, Arizona

Jennifer sells her body as Stella Bardot. She was a small time lingerie model and her body is insanely perfect. Her face needs some help though. Now she travels all over the country selling her body to old men. She’ll stick her tongue down your throat, lick your hole and let you destroy her hole for the right dollar amount. She has been looking really used up lately. She comes off as sweet and nice at first, but she truly hates men. Don’t fall for the hook. She talks sh1t about men, her clients, and even about her fellow FLOOZYS. She’s just miserable. Check out the pics for proof. She has an “official” floozy website with a mailing list you can get advanced notice of her trip. She another one of 134,892 hos selling their a55 on Twitter. Twitter is overrun with floozyand people who believe in fake news. Jennifer please find JC and clean yourself up.