California Jennifer (Jenn) Kirk

Jennifer (Jenn) Kirk — Riverside, California

This woman works with my boyfriend of 4 years. She found out he is in a serious relationship and still pursued him. We lived together and were on the path to marriage. He and I were trying for children, but due to the stress and fertility issues, were not successful. This woman, Jenn Kirk, had been forcing herself into his life, using that he was having struggles in his relationship. She started as a work friend then slowly started to make her way into his life outside of work. Once I found out, I got her number from his phone and tried to reach out to her to tell her he was in a committed relationship. Jenn always ignored my texts and calls. She was not woman enough to talk to me. She acted as if I were a crazy ex of his. I moved out of our home and he and I were going to try to give space and heal our relationship. It wasn’t until she felt he was cheating on her with me that she finally text and got in contact with me. I told her the whole truth about how he and I are in a relationship and have always been That she was the other woman. After, everything I proved and told her she still chose to continue to try and establish herself in his life and forced a relationship on him. At this time he and I were not talking, yet, we knew we were going to get back together. She knew as well. When he and I started couples counseling and were re-establishing our relationship she still insisted on trying to be his “friend”. They still work together and she always is asking question to other employees about him. Jenn, still gets slut shammed at work and does NOT care. She continues to write him, thinking I do not know. When I found out that she was doing this I tried to write to her but she changed her phone number and blocked me from social media. When I finally found a way to write her she read what I wrote but refuses to “Woman” up and admit what she is doing. She acts like it’s not her fault and that she’s innocent, but she is not! She plays the victim but she knew he was in a relationship and she still would meet him in parking lots to give him oral sex and would know what times to call or sext him! She claims to be a woman of God but that is an act!