Arizona Jennifer Butler & Nicole Lazuka-Powers

Jennifer Butler & Nicole Lazuka-Powers — Phoenix, Arizona

As I was planning my wedding with my so called best friends, I thought something was going on with my future husband. I had told both friends Jenny and Nicole that I thought he was texting someone else, both of them told me ” it’s all in your head, he’s not cheating on you.” About 2 weeks later I received a group text from Nicole to my fiance and myself asking ” did you tell Dana or not?” After seeing the message and trying to fully wake up, I asked him what it was about? He broke down in tears telling me that my 2 best friends ( my maid of honor and my bridesmaid) have been sexting him ( Nicole for almost a year and jenny for a month). My heart broke and my world shattered. I called Jenny right away and asked what was going on, she said she didn’t want to tell me because she didn’t want to ruin our friendship, she told me that she told him to tell me or she would. When I called Nicole to ask her, she blamed me and said it was all my fault and she did nothing wrong. I had given both girls a chance to tell me when I was crying on there shoulders because I thought he was cheating on me. The next day he left to Ohio due to his sister almost dying from going into rejection from a organ transplant. We eventually fixed things in our relationship and still got married but we changed things up. He surprised me in Vegas with a full wedding that he planned all on his own. As for the two whores. They are still out there but my man doesn’t want a chick with a blown out who-ha or a chick that has a huge varicose vein going up her thigh into her vagina. I made peace with what happened after having my worst nightmare come true. I no longer trust women I won’t bring them around I won’t have close friendships with them because I can’t trust when your best friends start messing with your man it brings the true colors to light. I’m better off without them.