Cheaters Jennifer Alvarez

Jennifer Alvarez — Orlando, Florida

I was engaged to Flambert for almost 3 yrs. The 1 1/2 was great, then we decided to live seperate in September 2015 to save money and buy a home before we got married February 2016. Well everything changed when i found out he was living with an ex, somewhat tried to get through it wbile he was still there…and then found out he’s been talking to Jennifer Alvaraz since march 2016. So for 8 months now I’ve been lied to and cheated on. It feels horrible knowing that even though he seemed honest in his intentions to marry me and have children. He just didnt have enough respect for me or our relationship to have boundaries with women. He always told me he wanted tomove past the night life and overspending he was in, and have a family. Well tell them good luck and I hope Karma bits them hard!!