Cheaters Jenni Di Patrizio

Jenni Di Patrizio — Port Saint Lucie, Florida

I recently found out that this young lady Jenni Di Patrizio and my husband has been having an affair. As of 2 months ago we were fine to my knowledge. Three ago my husband came home from work, packed a weekend bag and told me he was hanging with his boys for the night. Fast forward to the next weekend and I started getting harassing texts from her and so I gave her name and number to the police and they called her up and warned her to stop texting me. I then found out that she and my husband spent the night at a hotel in the Port Saint Lucie. According to my husband she reached out to him and he couldn’t believe when he told her he was married but she still wanted to have a relationship with him. Who teaches their children to sleep with other women’s husbands.