Canada Jenna Smallboy

Jenna Smallboy — Panoka, Canada

Well let me tell you about this crazy babymama named Jenna Smallboy aka Vicky Smallboy on Facebook. Where to begin with this one, she is all some kind of special lol. She is crazy obsessed with this guy named Victor Burnstick who she hasn’t seen in almost 2 years and she still thinks there together when he has gotten married to his first babymama who he’s been with off an on for about 12 years. Victor refers Jenna to be a drive by fk that went horribly wrong. His first mistake was knocking her up, second mistake was not running for the hills when he had a chance lol. Victor isn’t the first babydaddy she went crazy over her oldest sons dad she chased away, so far away that he avoids Panoka altogether. Like that’s how obsessed she was. Jenna knows Victor is married and she could care less that he is. She will call him and text him and he’s blocked her over and over but she uses different numbers, different facebooks, anything she can think of to get ahold of him she will. She thinks its OK to send married man nudes and gross nasty pics of her batwings. Like cmon have some self-respect. What does she think, that he’s going to go running back and make her wifey just cause she sends pictures like that lol. I don’t think so hunny just makes you look desperate an sad. Jenna also went and named her youngest Victor Jr and forged his name on the birth certificate he wasn’t there during the pregnancy or after he’s seen her son once after he was born because of her. Jenna puts down Victors wife calling her miss piggy or saying she’s fat and an alcoholic when Victors wife doesn’t drink she’s not fat she’s pretty small only 115 an stands 5’1 lol… What this crazy doesn’t realize is Victors wife doesn’t call her names or puts her down in any kind of way. Victor needs to get a restraining order against Jenna cause if he doesn’t who knows what this crazy stalker could do next. Jenna Smallboy get some help before you ruin your boys lives or better yet move on find a other victim an leave Victor an His wife alone. Your a joke Jenna if he wanted you don’t you think you would have his ring…