Arizona Jeni Vincent

Jeni Vincent — Mesa, Arizona

This women began texting my boyfriend. She works with him. She is a manager there and told him she needed to talk to him about keeping his job. She told him to get in her car for privacy and drove to the back of a dumbster in the parking lot. He’s just as much to blame. Anyway she started telling him how she wanted to save his job they started about talking about having sex. I know because he accedently called me during the conversation. The second time he says was for a similar reason but this time I was out side and he didn’t see me. I saw her jump in his arms and kiss him. I saw text messages about how she was light headed and couldn’t stop replaying last Sunday’s mid morning passion. She sexted him a naked picture which I now have. Just found out she is in a relationship with some poor clueless guy. I have proof of everything. I am contemplating sending everything to him.