Cheaters Jen Hild

Jen Hild – Bradenton, Florida

Jen is a Publix supervisor on Manatee Avenue in Bradenton and she began a relationship with Gillian who works underneath her. The relationship started when Gillian began buying weed for Jen and they started hanging out out of work. Jen then started fixing Gillians schedule to where Julie won’t get fired because of a terrible attendance. Shortly after to to begin hanging out out of work began being more intimate with each other and beginning a relationship. At home for Gillian she had a family that which included two children and a fiancé. Jillian then started leaving the family at home and taking trips alone with Jen to Disney World and staying in hotels overnight. At home Jen also had a significant other and I am sure she has no clue what’s going on between the two of them. There is been plenty of witnesses which have seen them in compromising positions including Gillian’s children. And then got to a point to where Gillian wanted to leave her family and continue her secret relationship with her supervisor from work. Gillianthen began her compulsive lying about her fiancé being a controlling individual when in fact Gillian was the one going behind her family is back betraying their trust. Jen is the true definition of a homewrecker, she ruined a family.