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Jeffrey Voechting – California

Jeffery Vechting currently resides in Laguna Beach CA. He is originally from Sheboygan Wisconsin and moved to California with his brother when he’s 20 years old. After 15 years of marriage, And after a fantastic promotion to general manager of a very well known car dealership in orange county, Jeffrey set his eyes upon something he had never perhaps considered before – A service provided by escorts and or massage parlors that would fill the void he began to have at home with his wife. His wife had attempted suicide numerous times, and Instead of being there for his ex-wife, Jeffrey chose to turn the page and begin a new story which no one would have ever suspected he would do. He ditched his family emergency escorts during the day at his work or close nearby. He began taking time off of work without his family’s knowledge in order to fill fulfill his needs in bed and also emotionally. He wrote several reviews on the erotic under the name Jeffmar. Heck, this guy was taking 3 to 4 hours during his general manager’s position in order to drive to LA and pay for sex. Meanwhile back at home, his then wife was struggling with what had gone wrong with their marriage. He used funds for his sexual habits that were intended to be for his daughter’s college fund. Jeffery Vechting became a horrible liar, and even worse employee and of all things I disgusting selfish father.