Cheaters Jeff Gray

Jeff Gray – Colorado

Watch out for Jeff Gray, local ‘photographer’, or pornographer is more like it. Simply stated, Jeff of Jeff Gray Art and or Jeff Gray Photography is a complete liar so take caution when or if doing business with this ‘man’.
He will photograph you to the point subjection to satisfy his urges and keep those pictures forever as part of his rotational wanking material.
He is unprofessional and a serious mental mess. Self-esteem and entitlement issues, not to mention the over sexed thing. No self control.
And before anyone makes the comment that myself, r any other model or woman he is ‘friends’ with online is putting ourselves out there to be drooled over, I get it, but just not like how he does. It’s gross and there is something wrong with it, with him. He is not attractive what so ever. He has this washed up and out b-boy wanna be rockabilly greaser mentality but really he’s just a fat perverted old dad in dad jeans that cant get a date with a hot girl, like ever so he keeps all the chickas pictures on hand or cruises the internet to bother my friends or cyberspace models with unwanted sexy comments. Girls have been catching on, and if they have not yet, they will because people in the industry talk. Sly sexy comments arn’t going to work for long because were all catching on to your game.