Cheaters Jeannie Coburn Manke

Jeannie Coburn Manke – Pensacola, Florida

This is Jeannie Allen Coburn Manke. She was married to my dad for 3 years after my biological mother passed away sadly, and it was some of the most dysfunctional marriage I have ever seen. She would throw knives at him since she was bipolar, feed adderall to her nephew Trey (TJ) while she was working for the Escambia County School District in Pensacola. They recently moved up to Saltville, Virginia where my dad was building a house for themselves, my stepsister, sister and myself to visit whenever we all had families for family reunions. Sadly, on July 6th he passed away. He did not leave a will, however throughout their marriage they promised each other that if something were to happen. My stepsister, sister, and myself would be taken care of.

My stepsister, Joia Allen, had told us that she was bipolar and not to be trusted as she was never a mother figure. She has even gotten Joia involved by having her block our numbers in order not to talk to us. My sister and myself also told my dad we did not trust this lady, However she had him under his thumb. They both made promises to each other that if something were to happen to either of them, that the life insurance would go to both the children (including the stepchildren) and that the spouse would get some also. Well, it turns out Jeannie flat out lied to my dad, myself, my sister and refuses to give us his ashes, his death certificate, and also managed to get someone to impersonate my father to change his life insurance beneficiary to herself only, as to take myself and my sister out of it. She is the definition of a black widow. The fact that she had him cremated so I cant have a autopsy done is suspicious also. She has ruined the lives of myself and my sister, with one of us trying to commit suicide because of her actions. She lies and says that we are trying to kill her and is scared of her life to her stepdaughter, and she lies about myself talking shit about her to “people”, even though the past month all I have done is look for a job, summer classes, hang out with my girl and call/text her everyday before this to see how she is doing. I wouldn’t be surprised if one of us killed ourselves because of her. Please put her on blast.