California Jeanette Ahkoi

Jeanette Ahkoi — Hayward, California

My Husband and I have been together for 12 years, married for 8. We have a 5 year old daughter together. Since the day she was born she has been daddy’s little girl, always attached to her dad. She was “his mini me”. Then one day, out of nowhere, with no explanation.. my husband just didn’t come home, sold his cell phone, he just basically went MIA. I was heartbroken, but my daughter was just devastated, and still is. I eventually found out where he was and found out that he was living with someone. When I found out who she was I immediately felt anger and so much rage and just the need to get answers from my husband. I had met Jeanette through a mutual friend before she broke my family apart, so she was well aware that he was married to me. She is such a scumbag, low life, trashy person. She has 7 kids all with different men, she doesn’t take care of any one of them, her parents do! And she’s almost 40 with no job, no schooling, NOTHING! My husband didn’t even show up for our daughters birthday, nor did he call her. My daughters little heart is torn, she misses her dad so much and for him not to come around his little girl is so not him. Jeanette broke our family apart, she robbed my daughter of having her dad around while she’s still young so he can take her to the park and make memories that later when she grows up she can look back and smile… but no, Jeanette is a homewrecker and couldnt just leave my husband alone.