Cheaters Jazmine Valdez/Zoe Tao

Jazmine Valdez/Zoe Tao – Chicago, Illinois

Check out this human cumdumpster who goes by many names (i.e. Jazmin Valdez, Jazmin Flores, Zoe Tao, Chloe Tao, flora.redearth). She’s been escorting, along with her brother, ever since she was 18 y/o because she’s too lazy and stupid to work and doesn’t even know how to rent a place. She uses men to take care of her while doing this behind their backs only to have them dump her b/c of it once they find out, but not without having her ruin their reputation first. Her 1st husband paid for the divorce just to get rid of her, not caring about the money he lost. She made her next boytoys believe that he was an abusive POS but according to him, he was defending himself after she attacked him with a knife. She had a few men after that then found a chump by the name of Brian Weimer who she used to act as her employer so that the apt. could be in her name and she would build up a track record. When he found her “business” gmail account incriminating her, he also found a few thousands of dollars cash.

She tried to have him kicked out after 4 yrs together & draining his account dry and paid a few thugs to follow him and beat him to an extent were he ended up hospitalized. She has, now, covered her face but her original pictures contained them and he has a hold of them. Legally, there isn’t much he’s willing to do so he may be involved in this as well, no one knows—- I know this sounds fake but it isn’t. Look them up online. The sad thing is that she’s online under different names with different people, different looks, leading different lives. She took down a lot of her sites b/c so many people found out about her and screenshot pics but is back at doing what she does best around the Gold Coast area: Being a dangerous, useless