California Jason Robert Hanks

Jason Robert Hanks – California

I fell in love with a sociopath. Jason is very charming, very convincing, very manipulating, and a MAJOR LIAR…He is obsessed and very addicted to porn, Facebook, Instagram and any other social media he could find. He creeps and stalks women. He befriends them, comes across as just as a super great guy and before you know it, he manipulates his creepiness in. Starts with light flirting,then talks about his p****, exchanges phone numbers and before you know it, your sending nasty pics to him and sexting. We’ve been together for to years. Sadly I had to find all this myself. And realized he has been doing this since the beginning. AND these b****** knew of me and didn’t care! Some are married or are in a relationship! Everything out of this guys mouth is an absolute lie. Its all instant gratification for him and thats all he cares about. He can not be fixed so don’t even try He needs professional. Till this day he is sill trying to have sex with me or wanting pictures. Spoke to his ex-wife and she said he did the same thing through thee entire marriage. What a loser. BEWARE OF JASON ROBERT HANKS!!! He can be found on all social networks. He uses his talent because he is in the animation industry to impress these b******! TELL YOUR MOTHERS, SISTERS,AND YOUR GIRLFRIENDS!