Canada Jasmine Ferguson

Jasmine Ferguson – Calgary, Canada

The Disgusting Jasmine Ferguson, who’s floozy name used to be Kelsey Koxx- is now operating under the name Paris Cruz. She advertises on LeoList, CanadaAdultFun, TheKingdom99, VIPFavors and bedpage. Her twitter name is @_ParisCruz. Dumb Blonde- you can run but you can’t hide! Her and her sister are the most conceited self-involved, vain slores I’ve ever come across. Her sister Brooklyn is now even selling herself via cam sessions! Don’t be like your sister. Her life is ruined because of her bad decisions. You still have a chance- get out before it’s too late! It’s probably only a matter of time before Brooklyn gets her +2’s as well and starts having actual sex for money too. Whatever you do Brooklyn, do NOT use the same surgeon that Jasmine did. Her fake tits are DISGUSTING and it looks like her nipples were stitched back on by blind Parkinson’s sufferer. If Paris/Jasmine/Kelsey goes back into hiding, you can bet she will crawl out of her hole when stampede comes around because that’s when she makes the most money- sloring it up even more than normal.