Cheaters Jaron Kaczmark

Jaron Kaczmark – Indiana

I was in a relationship with Jaron for all of 2014 but months before we broke up I knew something was up. I would catch his doing weird stuff with his phone and full blown flip out at me if I picked it up to look at the time. I later found out my own name was in his phone as a guys name and he was on dating sites dating and hooking up with multiple women. Every time I called him out on his sketchy behavior he got absolutely hysterical and would call me a crazy person or a psycho. For the longest time I really thought I was going crazy, he legitimately brainwashed me. Now that I look back on it, and still continue to find women he cheated on me with while we were together (even another one today!), it amazes me that I put up with the abuse for as long as I did. He even has such low self esteem that he literally posts selfies constantly on instagram just so people like it or comment and posts pictures of food that he finds on google images and says “look what I cooked for dinner tonight”. He has serious problems and I warn anyone getting involved with him. I posted one of his infamous selfies but if you just google him you can find about a billion more, thanks for reading everyone!