Australia Jamie Pearce

Jamie Pearce – Brisbane, Australia

Jamie Pearce, at it again in 2018. Cheated on his live in pregnant girlfriend via dating sites on Facebook and others such as POF and Tinder. She discovered various messages and photos on his phone sent to multiple women telling them he was single and asking when they’re available to ‘catch up. ’ as he was single. She was contacted from a woman he was seeing only to find out he had been seeing her for some time. She was sent evidence of screenshots of their conversations and pictures he had been sending her. The times Jamie told his girlfriend he was ‘busy’ were the times he was meeting up with these women. Jamie failed to be available to his pregnant partner while she was unwell while he was meeting women and sleeping with them. Jamie’s sneakiness on his phone, constant lies he was caught out on, and using Facebook as a dating sight eventually caught up on him.