Arizona Jamie Cervi

Jamie Cervi – Arizona

who even though i have begged her to stop trying to ruin my relationship with my husband just will not stop. She was married to him approx 20 years ago and when he came home found her in bed with another man and she got knocked up by another man. She continues to harrass me and run in my face that she is going to get my hubby to leave me for her. Him and i have a kids and he is being a douche bag no doubt, he doesn’t believe me that she is doing these things cause she denies it to him and said I’m doing it and using fake sites to make it look like it’s coming from her. She has children with so many different men, and bc she cheats so much she doesn’t know who the dad is of her kids and the ones she does know, she just abandons them to the father. She is trying to get back with my hubby cause he is successful now and her life is falling apart and she has nothing. He keeps sending her money and buying her and her kids things. She has no class and given the chance will steal anyone’s man. She pretends to be a Christian which makes this even worse. The world needs to see what kind of trallop this C U Next Tuesday is Since she told me she refuses to stop trying to destroy my life then blocks me on her phone so i can’t tell her to stop anymore. If anyone else hates white trash, home wrecking wh#%res as much as i do and would like to pass on the message it’s not ok to destroy families and try to get a father to abandon his children so he’ll come and be a father to hers, she can be contacted on fb and by phone 2144072301. Please show her lots of love.