California James Smith

James Smith — Rancho Cordova, California

This guy pursued a gal he worked with like she was his life line. She eventually gave in and they where together forc6 months. When his wife was doing a 26 mile walk for breast cancer. He was in bed with his new side chick. They where together all the time. She unfortunately fell in love with him. The wife eventually found out. Now, he was married to this wife before, but they divorced because he cheated. They decided to try again and got remarried. Didn’t take him long to cheat on her again after remarrying her. Sure the person that was with him shouldn’t have been. But seeing them together was incredible. They had an amazing connection. Unfortunately, when this ass hole got caught. He threw the side chick under the bus and treated her horrible and of course lied to the wife. The side chick stayed loyal and he still treated her like shit. He continued to lie to wife telling her what she wanted to hear. Here is a guy who does not honor his vows not just once but twice. Hurts and uses other gal. The sad part is that the wife stayed with him this time. Believed all his lies, and flaunts around her cheating husband to all her friends and posts things to Facebook just to hurt the other gal. This guy is a loser. Both of these seemingly smart women wanted this loser. He’ll cheat again sweetie… Guys like James Smith only care about themselves. Watch out for this guy!!!