California Jamaal Anton Curry A.K.A

Jamaal Anton Curry A.K.A – California

My name is Gloria Sims, from Charlotte NC and I dated a guy for a year; we were engaged for six months. Throughout the time we were together he showed me a lot of the things he said in the beginning was not true. For example he said he was an Israelite and after two months of YouTube watching, he switched up saying we were Native Americans. He puts biblical verses up on all of his social media and doesn’t live by any of the scriptures he posts. Later in the relationship my women’s intuition kicked in so I decided to search for him online to see if he has been faithful. To my surprise he was the complete opposite of what he portrayed. He has been having cyber sex with VARIOUS women (different shapes, sizes and transgenders), making false promises of marriage and acts as if he has his s*** together. In reality he has been unemployed for months with no money or car, and living in MY house. He has pictures posing in my s*** and of his daughter but he is a deadbeat. All the trips, clothes, and all of the other stuff he had was financed by ME. He still has his family thinking we are getting married this year while he is dry begging me to come back. Jamaal Anton Curry A.K.A Da_Gentleman0626, J Curry, Curry J (COON FREE), Lockhem, Head & Anton Curry are all current names he goes by on social media. He can be spotted in a number of locations: Lincoln Alabama, Charlotte NC, Huntington WV, Texas and New York. BE AWARE!