Australia Jake Gellard

Jake Gellard — Cairns, Australia

Jacee Gellard also known as Jacquline Patrica Gellard slept with a married man who’s wife had just been diagnosed with Breast Cancer. The married couple had just purchased a home together when Jacee started having an affair with him through their place of employment. The husband went back to his wife but Jacee would not give up till she destroyed the marriage by playing marriage counsellor through spreading her legs. The wife had to move out of her home after having a double mastectomy. This was cruelly played & actioned out with no remorse for a terminally ill woman. This woman has wrecked 2 marriages. She is a low life Succubus. She operates her own business in WPHS in the Construction Industry in Cairns, Far North Queensland Australia. Ladies married to Tradies BEWARE!!!