Cheaters Jadie Basile Gifford

Jadie Basile Gifford — Davenport, Florida

This shank started working at an elementary school last year. Came onto a married man, and when she was rebuffed, she went after her female coworker, who was in a long term relationship. They ended up having an affair, ruining the one woman’s relationship. After that woman and her partner broke up, Jadie the Skank, while she was up north with her boyfriend, dumped her now single lover, braking her heart as well. Jadie has no morals. She has 5 kids my two different men and now she’s mooching off a boyfriend. While cheating with the woman from the school, she lied to the boyfriend, her family and friends. Probably afraid to deal with the fact that she’s cheating with a woman. I guess cheating with a man isn’t enough for this woman. She claims she has been cheated on in the past. If that was truly the case, wouldn’t you NOT do that to someone else? I guess morals don’t have any room in her life. Oh, and if you run into her, check out her hair color. She’s really a brunette, but plays a blonde. And she likes to dress like her 17 year old daughter. That’s ok. The Karma Bus is coming for you, Jadie!!