Canada Jaden Sarkonak

Jaden Sarkonak — Winnipeg, Canada

this girl right here isn’t only the shadiest girl from winnipeg but the biggest cat fish too. if she already wasn’t too busy getting orange spray tans and using daddy’s money on partying she’d probably screw over way more of her friends. She’s banged 2 of her friends exes and they’re the same dude and these poor girls don’t even know!! “Rumour” has it (it’s true) she fuked her live-in besties ex after they shortly broke up while so called bff was at work. “Jay” would complain about bff to everrrrryone about how she wouldn’t pay went and was a slob. So she got pay back and fuked her ex. Whose the slob now?? Jaden thinks she’s a so called bad b1tch but the only thing badder than her is karma. and in her world it should start with a captain C and end “unt”