Canada Jacq Hutchinson

Jacq Hutchinson — Winnipeg, Canada

This girl right here calls everyone her best friend, meanwhile she’s talked shit about half of them. She acts so innocent on social media but at the end of the day is just a crazy bitch who can’t hold down a boyfriend. Her friends always fuk and date her boyfriends and she’s so desperate for friends she doesn’t do anything about it. I was friends with her in high school but she started calling me fat and ugly behind my back so we aren’t friends anymore. The next guy to date her watch out because I’m almost positive she sleeps with her dad she claims she has so much money but she can’t hold down a job so she gets her mom to pay for everything including her trips and cars. Her brother is part of a biker gang so she thinks she’s untouchable. Hopefully someone knocks some sense into her soon cause everyone’s so sick of hearing and seeing about her. Always making people feel bad because her auntie died 2 years ago, meanwhile she’s just a nasty bitch who’s wished death on tons of people. Always talks about killing herself and mental health but it’s all an act for attention. Someone come get ur daughter