Australia Jackson Voorhaar

Jackson Voorhaar – Australia

Lies, cheats, lazes in bed til late afternoon drugged up/drunk, or blaming his omnipresent “head injury”, hangs around with easily impressed school kids when he’s almost 30 years old pretending to be a “comedian” (Google/Youtube his reviews/act- case in point!), steals, uses people for his own gains then plays the poor little victim/deaf ear/turns his phone off when caught out, partial to strangling women/sending them threats for kicks and abandoned the Mother of his baby (with some abusive texts, smooth) as soon as he heard she was pregnant, never to be heard from again- Mr “30 seconds” is not even curious if he has a Son or a Daughter, but can manage to write down every bottle of beer he drinks with his nicotine stained fingers, hmmm priorities.

Riddled with reoccurring scabies, lice, genital warts, Herpes, Chlamydia, Syphilis and God only knows what else due to his lack of morals and penchant for cheap hookers- not to mention ginger pubic hair and stale smokers breath that could strip paint- this failure rents a squalid single bedroom in a filthy, fleabitten doss house at 29 years old, lives for one night a week out at a trivia/gambling night and works just a few shifts a week selling drink to fund his raging alcoholism and drug habits- but not a cent on his own child as that certainly wouldn’t fit in with his egocentric, selfish, deceptive schedule.