Arizona Jackie McCoy Sofchek Serra Dieringer

Jackie McCoy Sofchek Serra Dieringer — Gilbert, Arizona

This woman was a stripper going by the name Taija in AZ when she met my husband, an Air Force pilot stationed there for training. She was also currently married at the time. When my husband was due to come home, she pretended to be pregnant with twins and even had her friend Erika pee on a stick. Erika had recently had a baby so the test was positive. Jackie and my ex conspired and were able to pull a fast one on me. I met this woman at the ball who attempted to befriend me by asking for directions and claiming to be another military spouse new to the area. After a few moments, this woman stole the keys from my purse and handed them off to my ex (unbeknownst to me) when she “had to use the restroom due to a bladder infection”. When I got to the parking lot, my vehicle was gone. When I finally made it home, my house was ransacked and all my ex’s belongings were gone including my computer, and our children’s birth certificates and several of my pets were dead. Three days later I received a speeding ticket in the mail which showed the woman from the mall driving my vehicle with my husband beside her. She and my ex are now married. He proposed while still married to me. The picture is posted here… note the wedding ring already on his hand. This woman is on her 5th marriage and now has 6 kids! She does not raise 2 of them, both were taken by CPS at different times. The daughter was adopted and the son was raised by grandparents until he was 10, although it turned out they weren’t his grandparents after all. This woman destroys anyone in her path. She is a pathological liar and manipulates every man and woman she comes in contact with. She has had alienated all of her husbands from their families and children. My son has no contact with his father and my ex has no contact with his family because of her. She has a history of sleeping with married men, including the husband of the woman who peed on the pregnancy test. She owes people thousands upon thousands for school debt, veneers, breast implants, car loans, and jewelry loans. She has an M.O. This woman is the epitome of evil and desperation. Her own family despises her, including her children. She will stop at nothing to fulfill her selfish desires.