Cheaters Jack Downs

Jack Downs – Denver, Colorado

Watch out for this dude! At first he is kind and caring. But he is a train wreck that you will get caught up in. he knows how to woo women and particularly goes after the more weaker women that most men pass up cause they have a harder time saying no to him. He has just as much of a hard time keeping it in his pants or respecting a relationship as he does a needle In his arm. Can’t hold a decent job and tho he is in his mid 30s he still acts like a 17 year old man child. Goes after married women (seriously he is the type to move in on a buddies GF when they fight.. hmm when she is feeling weak… odd ya?) and a lover of sending d1ck picks and topless pictures. I have seen him use and abuse his friends who he calls his “family” yet they are always giving him chances cause they see the good in him… I see all lies. He often uses the line “why can’t you give me a chance to guilt you into going out with him. hmmm what else.. did I mention he is a predator of weak women and even when he gets a good one he can’t stop cheating