cheater hai wo Israel

cheater hai wo – Israel

himawari ne mujhpe cheat kiya. Usne mera Dairy milk mujhse cheen liya.

Ariel Efrati Israel

Ariel Efrati — Tel Avaiv, Israel

Ariel Efarti is has been married five times, he has 12 kids (some even out of wedlock) and he is the ESCORT KING OF THE USA!!! You would normally think that some wealthy Saudi oil executive dude or some Russian cartel dude would be some of the biggest customers when it comes to booking hot call girls. That maybe so, but lemme tell ya, Ariel Efrati is from Tel Aviv, Israel and he spends a whole lotta $$$$ money here in the US when he is here on business trips. Ariel Efrati is the CEO of a company called Telco Systems and he was a former executive at Amdocs (the Mossad company that spies on Americans – yep, look it up!). He is 67 years old (*he darkens his hair) and he is married with adult children, Ariel Efrarti comes to the US under the guise of business trips but what he really comes for is the hot young escorts. Since he is a high-paying customer, often the best of the best of the reserved for him. Ariel Efrati also starts up relationships with lots of young American girls, by being their sugar daddy.