Cheaters Imad Lahoud

Imad Lahoud – Paris, France

Imad Lahoud, in Paris, France, is a repeatedly convicted felon best known for the Clearstream scandal. He was convicted on multiple counts of fraud and various other offenses. While serving his (very long) prison sentence and out on day passes, he hits on and sleeps with various women while still married to the long-suffering Anne-Gabrielle Heilbronner, who pays all his bills. He will ask if you want to get serious very quickly (he does!) and will promise you everything, including trips, plane rides – and even to introduce you to his wife, since they are “such good friends”. All of this is just to get you into bed. It’s all lies. The reality is that he is a prison inmate out on temporary passes and even after his long sentence of years is completed, he will still have to ask advance permission from the prison system to go anywhere outside of the country for the next several years. Once he sleeps with you, either at your place or at a hotel (never at his place), and gets what he wants in terms of sex, he dumps you without a single word. He will tell you that he has multiple business trips during the week, and suggest that he has weird covert consulting to do. Keep in mind that he was convicted by various judges in Paris for the same kinds of lies. It is not true: he is actually “busy” serving his prison sentence during the week. Don’t believe a word that he says. He was, after all, sent to prison for lying to the point where it cost him his freedom – with the exception of those nights when he can manage to get you into bed during one of his prison passes.