Cheaters Imad Lahoud Criminal Convict

Imad Lahoud Criminal Convict – Dubai

Imad Lahoud, born October 7, 1967, is a French-Lebanese criminal convict who travels frequently to Abu Dhabi and Dubai in the UAE (United Arab Emirates) where his brother, Walid, resides. He also spends time in Paris, France. Imad Lahoud was sentenced to more than 6 years prison in total in France, for crimes of fraud, falsification, grand theft:

The record shows that Imad Lahoud has not been gainfully employed since 1995. He has no career. Imad Lahoud moves aimlessly from person to person and place to place looking for his next target to defraud. He will use sex, love, business promises, anything to convince someone to trust him. It’s all just a game to him. Imad Lahoud lives off the resources and generosity of other people, including his family and his wife, Anne-Gabrielle Heilbronner. Imad Lahoud attempts to convince you that he is interested in business and sex/love (if you’re a woman), and business (if you’re a man). It’s just a trick to ultimately get you to give and buy him things. Imad Lahoud lies about his skills and background. Imad Lahoud had a brief consulting assignment with a well-known company that resulted in the company suing him for fraud for abuse of company expenses, as well as 300,000 euros worth of plagiarized reports.