Cheaters II

Michael A Ross, II — Duluth, Georgia

Micheal Ross, II, A great guy with bad intentions. He will cheat, play victim, and use you for your money. He will cry to you, pretend to be a MAN and a gentleman, but its all a disguise. He will be “honest” with you but its all lies, he’ll tell you how bad his ex was but seems to forget what he put her through. He’s a compulsive liar and cheater. He has no type, he fucks anything walking LITERALLY. He will tell you he loves you, he’ll pretend to cry to you BUT Beware, its all an act. He will give you ultimatums but its all an act. He just wants to suck your pockets dry until he finds someone else to finance him and join his pity party. He’s truly a dangerous man, he’ll play daddy to your kids but has a son of his own he isn’t there for. He’ll want to meet your family and sucks them into his game. He’s an emotional wreck, he doesn’t really know how to love. SAVE YOURSELF HEART ACHE AND RUN FAST!!!!!!!