Canada Howard Mooberry

Howard Mooberry – Canada

This man will claim that he is going through a horrible divorce. That he is couch hopping from place to place. Life is so hard because his “b**** of an ex” won’t allow him to see his children. That he is divorcing her because he walked in early from work and caught her sleeping with multiple men at once with their children asleep in their room. These are all lies. He is married, no divorce, and both him and his wife like to play games and use people to get stuff. It is all about what they can get for themselves. All high school games.

To make matters better, him and his partner also live off the system scamming it. He brings home over 2k a month after taxes, sometimes much more. Yet, they live in low income only paying $250 a month in rent because it is in her name and she got it when they were “seperated” then added him onto the lease when they got back together. All part of a scam to get into the low income housing. Did I forget to mention all the other free state aide his wife is pulling because she doesn’t have a job and regularly claims they are seperated so his income doesn’t hurt them?