Where to even begin. Our relationship started out great. Wonderful in fact. I fell hard and fast and completely in love. You were separated from your girlfriend from Taiwan coz she found out about me,. You said you loved me first and you dont want to lose me. Moving in together? All you. I began to believe in your words, because I loved you .
The next morning you “forgot” about it. Then facebook… you block me and not only blocking me you got 6 fb account and started deleting all my picture.. But you didn’t just block me, you blocked everyone that knew me and added your ex. Of course you lied about all of this saying you deleted it. I call you out and you continue to lie. Ridiculous. Then more and more lies come out. More heartache. Then you avoid me and give me reasons why you can’t see me. Then what do I know, the ex of your bestfriend is flirting with you coz her boyfriend cheated on her too. You are an awful liar and I call you out on it, you continue with your lies. Your best friend of all people comes to me and tells me you cheated on me, not with just your ex but some random s*** in the net including Tona who have 3k followers in instagram who see all her sexy photos while you have few followers.