California HOPE PARKER

HOPE PARKER – ‎Los Angeles, California

Hope Parker is the SCUM of the earth. She is the biggest slore in LA and has always been. She’s tries to be undercover but everyone knows what she’s all about. That’s getting pregnant by rich men, married men, athletes, celebrities and all of the above. So BEWARE!!! She’s the most evil C*** you’ll ever come across. She’s tried to trick men for the last 8 years into fake pregnancies, or got pregnant and told multiple men that her baby was theirs and collect money from them threatening to ruin their families lives if they don’t pay full on knowing she wants no part of a baby. Selling her body for a dime all day everyday. She’s done this with older men who are prime targets for her as many have families, also celebrities too Calvin Harris for example he had to take her to court for her threatening to send naked pics of him to TMZ. Her family must be so proud of this FAKE NEWS nurse who travels all over trying to impregnate herself. Speaking of her family they’re a bunch of red neck racist which makes it more laughable as they hate and pretty much have disowned her because she loves and only lets purple and Arab d1ck in inside her. Her one brother who’s married, his wife hates her and thinks she is a POS, and her other brother is in and out of jail.Her friend Alice is like her puppet does what ever Hope tells her to do has threesomes with men Hope tries to “impress” actually pretty sad if you think about it. Oh and Alice is a illegal immigrant probably getting knock on the door from ICE pretty soon, gig is up! Hope believes she’s wife material and is stunned after 30 plus years no one not one person still has chose to marry her, I wonder why? Lol. She claims she’s nothing but “wife material” lol sweet heart you’re a ho and a POS that is the worst trap artist on the planet. Hope makes fun of all these other girls she claims not to be and she’s exactly them but worse. Hope go get pregnant again and tell another 5 different guys it’s there kid lol. Also the biggest pepsi SLORE there is. She’s a addict and does pepsi everyday of her life. Her and Alice do pepsi and have threesomes with guys all the time. You have to look in the mirror hunny and realize why know one and I mean know one wants you. Guys stay far away from this bitch, she will rot in hell one day for how she treats people and attempted to use her body to trick and manipulate men. Pathetic. Maybe you should keep finding men online and going to baseball games sitting behind the dugout or as you say above “sliding into your mans DM” what a winner you are hope. You’ll be expose, people will find out who you really are and what you’re really about. Should have just stuck to your “day job”. You act is over