California Homewreckers Scott R. Bice SR

Homewreckers Scott R. Bice SR – California

Scott R. Bice SR – Brea/Garden Grove 56 year old 1/2 man – is a lying, cheating, son of a b**** – spends your tax money on overtime hours used to secure married women, to screw women other than his wife, to wreck homes, destroy lives – -I hope she divorced him – if you only knew what a piece of s*** this guy is – sweet talking – wife stealing, home wrecking – AC guy with county of orange, I’d check, double check and triple check those overtime hours – this guy should be fired for adultery and wasting our money on staying late for “Overtime pay” to give attention to the girls more than attention – if you are a husband whoever got the call I have to stay late to keep the air on for ….. then he got you too… to the girls at the courthouse -or other public buildings – this is truly a scumbag m-fer -predador and creep – lock him up boys – Go F-yourself Scotty…