California Hilda Inzunza

Hilda Inzunza — South Gate, California

Yesterday friend broke apart after her husband left her and didn’t want to bother putting this home-wrecker on blast, but guess what? I do. This “girl” took it upon herself to get a married man employ her after meeting at a work-related event. Worked her way into a friendship and then struck like a snake and turned it into something else. My friend tried to contact her to at least get honest answers once he left her and the family. My friend was too nice for my taste (I saw the text message myself) and after this snake not cooperating … my friend simply wished the both of them well. As it turns out, this is a serial married man dater. When she dates a married man she sets up her social media with an alias but her real name is Hilda Inzunza, she lives in South Gate, California. The alias she used when she was posting pictures during her affair with my friend’s husband was Hilda Gonzalez. It doesn’t look like she will use my friends husband for much longer, soon he won’t have much money left to wine, dine and shower this gold-digger with gifts and she will move on to the next. So beware.