California Henry Kessler

Henry Kessler – California

This guy will pretend to be in love with u, committed to u and that he wants to marry u for no reason at all-meaning you put no pressure or brought marriage up or anything! When we first dated He went and purchased wedding rings from chrome hearts for us when I told him I was afraid of getting married ! Once he has you emotionally vulnerable and has your trust he willl be going to strip clubs because he is “friends” with the girls, asking them if he has a chance with them and trying to make plans to hang out with them. None of these female “friends” of his will know that he just filed bankruptcy, lives at home and his parents pay for basically everything. When you confront him about his behavior you will be told nothing is going on and it is only “a difference in opinion,” that you are upset over. This is when his emotionally abusive behavoir really kicks in. You will be treated like you are just crazy and he will give you an angry response then the silent treatment and head out to the bar or strip club with the his boys or by himself. The fight will always be your fault because you pissed him off. He enjoys dating strippers or any other kind of abused woman it makes his life alot easier and he can get away with more. He will even do nice things for you esspecially in the begining. Beware because this guy seems so sweet and harmless but he will really hurt you f*** your head up with his mind games. He will use you, he will humilate you, he will emotionally abuse you and if u stand up for yourself he will simply dump you and be on to the next woman without a thought. If you want a genuinely good guy steer clear of henry kessler and save yourself the mind f***.