Cheaters Heidi Gomber

Heidi Gomber — Pompano, Florida

This message is an advising to all wives, police other halves, & & females in a connection with a male companion in the south Florida area.Specifically Pompano, Sunrise, Deerfield, & & Lauderdale. Heidi G. is a 22 years of age woman, I utilize words woman due to the fact that she’s absolutely not a female, that’s constantly on the watch out for an additional guy. She’s not looking for any type of partnership or real security. She either copulates guys for security, loan or satisfaction. Around March I began patronizing her shop, Racetrac on Oakland, due to the fact that my spouse informed me concerning her & & I needed to see her for myself. My hubby had actually been patronizing Racetrac months prior yet in springtime a brand-new women staff member began functioning there. She would sometimes tease with him, which I’m great with incidentally considering that we’re divided, yet after that she took one remark as well much. My spouse, whose name I will certainly not pity so I will certainly call him Jean, called me when he left & & informed me exactly what she stated. Jean is a supplier for our family members so he has a good paying work and also it reveals. One evening while leaving she informed him that when she leaves she intends to draw his d ***. Jean kindly declined yet after she was consistent. He at some point left and also informed me yet I wondered concerning this woman myself so I determined to see the shop while he went to work.I obtained myself aquatinted with several of the employees at the shop and also the patrol on watch. Young boy did I figure out a great deal. I will certainly not call names yet at the very least a couple of individuals in the patrol stated they’ve “spuned” her around a couple of times. Obviously she’s likewise a popular “badge rabbit” in the entire state of Florida. For the inexperienced, a badge rabbit is a female that has a proclivity for polices and also aims to copulate as several as feasible. Unfortunalty several of these guys are wed too so pity on both, although she’s dreadful for recognizing that as well as to still try. One police officer additionally informed me she utilized to live upstate Florida till she was degraded by a whole division, considering that she was with a respectable quantity of them while dating a policeman. The tales her carbon monoxide employees informed me are equally as negative. Given that she began benefiting the firm, 4 years I think, she’s had a tough time agreeing her women carbon monoxide employees because she’s either tried or copulated their boyfriends/fiances. Also 2 staff members seperately informed me they’ve been with her also. For the following couple of months I was collecting proof up until one staff member had actually informed me a fact I had actually understood. Jean had actually been seeing Heidi considering that she made that deal as well as she’s simply horrible. After I challenged Jean he informed me the reality as well as more.She intended to enjoy trios with him and also an additional male however Jean additionally stated he rejected that.Once they entered an arguement as well as she informed him I’ve obtained 10s of f *** friends so I do not require you. This woman is simply consumed and also rinsed. It’s dispiriting for an additional female or any kind of female to be such as this. I simply desired all ladies that understand to be mindful of her. Prior to I might lastly face her she had actually simply left her task to working from Sawgrass shopping center. Victoria’s Secret I think, naturally. I have the suggestion the very same staff member that informed me concerning Jean coincides that cautioned her concerning me which’s most likely why she left. Already she’s texting Jean. I question if God is enjoying all this. Simply take care.