California Heather Lebas

Heather Lebas – San Jose, California

I’ve known Heather Lebas for about six months now. She’s a nice enough person, but there’s something that needs to get out. She regularly brags about driving drunk. We’ve been to the club a few times, and I’m worried because she’s frankly a danger to the community. She’s driven up a one-way exit ramp, nearly hit the median countless times, and this is all with me or my friends in the car. She was laughing about this time she got drunk with an elderly woman and had to pull over because she couldn’t see straight. Another of her favorite stories, is this time she banged some dude in her class after getting trashes at Aqui’s, regretted it, and drove home after “he came all over her”. I’m seriously concerned for the safety of the community, drinking is cool but not if you’re too stupid to stop yourself from getting behind the wheel. I’m starting to think she’s just some ditzy ho.