Canada Heather Farquhar

Heather Farquhar – Toronto, Canada

Do not trust this girl. She’s straight up trash and she is fake and a manipulative slore. This girl slept with her best friends boyfriend multiple times (they’d been dating for 5 years.. who wants to wreck a 5 year relationship let alone it was her best friends boyfriend!) And when the truth came out she lied to her best friend about it, her best friends boyfriend broke up with her lying and claiming he had just lost feelings but truth was he was so ashamed and guilty of cheating and thought she deserved better. So Heather let her best friend cry on her shoulder for so long, the truth started to come out and she denied it and even threatened her best friend saying “if you don’t believe me and are going to believe everyone else, than your not a real friend and I can’t be friends with You”.