Cheaters Heather Dawn Sweeney

Heather Dawn Sweeney — Pueblo West, Colorado

This woman Heather D. Sweeney cheats, lies and schemes. We learned this woman has been cheating on her guy and someone that we know, Robert. Heather D. Sweeney has been cheating with co-worker for past 2 years, Brent Noisette of Alpharetta, Georgia. Heather D. Sweeney and Brent Noisette work at McKesson Corporation, Imaging Workflow Solutions division. Brent Noisette is a married man and is cheating on his wife Shellie Noisette, with Heather D. Sweeney. Heather D. Sweeney pursues and goes after married men as a sport,despite being in a committed relationship with a good guy. Heather D. Sweeney knowingly goes after and cheats with married men. Heather D. Sweeney has a daughter and this is her example! Heather D. Sweeney and Brent Noisette have been cheating with each other on business trip travel for by McKesson Corporation. Brent Noisette and his wife own a bike shop in Johns Creek, Georgia, MTB Garage, Twisted Spokes Bicycles and a biking enduro sport, Third Coast Enduro Series. Heather D. Sweeney is transferring to Alpharetta, Georgia through McKesson Corporation Imaging Workflow and Solution to continue her pursuit of Brent Noisettte and for the relationship to continue based on Brent Noisette leaving his wife. Robert and Shellie are unsuspecting and need to know that they are with liars and cheaters and to get checkedout medically. Heather D. Sweeney and Brent Noisette are already being investigated by McKesson Corporation that made its way into the rumor mill of corporate America. Heather D. Sweeney and Brent Noisette need to be found out by their significant others and be exposed for what and who they are cheaters and liars.