Arizona Heather Dawn Strug

Heather Dawn Strug – Arizona

She will call the cops on U for trespassing if U don’t do what she wants such as watching double penetration and gangbang videos while getting double teamed with her vibrator. She said she’s never been gangbanged but I have seen the proof of her and 3 big black guys. She likes to perform sexual activities and have sex where people could see or get caught wich did happen on more than 1 occasion. She used to smoke a lot of PCP when she was on probation to get around the Urine tests she was required to do As well as consuming and selling a lot of LSD crystal meth ketamine nitrous oxide and ecstasy while attending raves or at the house all weekend and give BJs in the men’s bathrooms of clubs where she received applause when she was done or a dark corner or in the car while other people are in the car and able to watch and hear her suck on it as well as in living rooms and other spaces people are in or could walk in. She likes to wear sexy outfits to tease guys especially my friends and peep shows from not wearing underwear a tit (wich are fake) shot here and there and sucking on lollipops bananas and her vibrator on a few occasions during parties with friends making sure people are watching what she’s doing.