Cheaters Hannig/Fraley

Hannig/Fraley – Loveland, Colorado

This 22 year old Girl is from Loveland Colorado. I found that has been texting my husband for the past 8 months now. I have a 5 year old boy and another one on the way. She knows he is married and knows we have a family. She has zero respect. I have contacted her and told her a million times to stop he is married and get to herself some help. I have asked around town, and come to find that she is known for this. Anyone who knows this girl tell seek help and stop trying to get with a married man to save her. Every time I see her around town she has a different man in her car. She is just looking to be taken care of by anyone who is willing to take on her issues. She needs serious help!!!! She has 2 children which she doesn’t even take care of she rather be with random men each night. She just wants a sugar daddy.