Arizona Hanna Vandenham

Hanna Vandenham – Scottsdale, Arizona

Well… Hanna Vandenham works as a bottle service girl and a waitress. Yet she posts on Instagram about her vacations to places like Paris? What was that old saying? Something like ” I saw London and France because I let you get into my underpants” ? She also gives you the clap. This girl is full of horse crap man. She loves talking about how she wants to “learn french” but doesn’t. She loves bragging about how much she is into learning about cultures but the only culture she studies is Kardashian. Shes sleeping with every new guy that she meets. She even bragged to us that she once dinned and dashed on a guy because he took her to PF Changs instead of the sushi place she wanted to go! She cheated on every boyfriend she ever has. She aint got loyalty in her vocabulary. All she cares about is trading sex for money. She is also into pepsi and pink kush. Please stay the hell away from this black hearted skank. Please guys out there please stop paying to get laid. If a women wants money for sex or even dates she aint worth your time! Even if you insist on paying for sex please boycott this trashy slore! She is the scum of earth.