Canada Hailey Lundstrom

Hailey Lundstrom — Ottawa, Canada

Hailey Lundstrom, some of you may have been harassed bullied lied to or cheated on by her. Even given DRDs. This girl loves to harass people through text me apps. She will download 4 at a time. The thing is we know it’s her doing it.. and yes I mean plural “we” multiple people shes harassed not just me. She done this to her baby daddy to her friends. To her baby daddy friends. She plays funny little games hiding behind a phone. And when confront wont answer when the numbers called. And just keep harassing you and saying mean sh1t lile kill your self, go be with your dead friend, and stuff like I’m gonna throw your dog off your balcony. Even to the point she tells people to jump off her balcony. If you stop responding to one number she will download another and start the while process all over again. Shes given multiple people some sort of DRDs I forgot what it was called. She cheated on her baby daddy slept with her neighbors baby daddy. Neglects her kid just so she can party and fuk. Like bitch you do crack get your teeth fixed, you only get fuked as much as you do cause your easy to open your legs for anything. Bitch you fuked with the wrong person wait to see what I have up my sleeves. Dont start a game you cant finish because im the queen of this game. Your gonna wish you didnt harass and bully everyone in your life that ever tried to help you out. Any one else wanna share there harassing experience with hailey? Let’s see shes saod stuff to me like go be with your dead friend (let’s not my friend died because of suicide and bullying just like hailey does to people. She said stuff like I’m going to throw your dog off the balcony and beat it infront of you and your boyfriend with a crow bar. She sais a whole bunch of other things. But that’s the justs and if I end up on this site in retaliation it only proves my point. Your being called out bitch!!! Also stop neglecting your son to party and get fuked.