Canada Hailey Beaudry

Hailey Beaudry — Prince albert, Canada

Where do i start, this b1tch has been dating my homie for about a year, she has cheated on him countless times and has also contracted an drd from one of them i know for sure. She’s 15 and pretends shes in terrorsquad, which she isnt and if she is then well shes probably still smoming meth, she’ll threaten you to roll up at your house at 2 am in the morning and at the same time try to tell you shes sober and sitting in rehab at that very moment. My homies sister has tried countless times to tell him that she’s been cheating on him and that she isn’t right for him so maybe this will let him know. She recently cheated on him again too. She smokes meth in her parents house and her mom is woth the very man who raped her, her uncle did the same. Shes from mistawasis and thinks shes solid. She tries to message a 23 year old and a 19 year old girl asking them to be telling them to give her their addresses and that she’s going to roll up at 2 a.m. this b1tch needs help. She lies to everyone about her sobriety on her Facebook she lies to her man about her loyalty and sobriety he joined TS quote unquote and apparently is trying to be sober yeah I don’t think that’s how it works there missy. No one wanted to fight you because you’re not worth wasting time on. I you belong in a psychiatric ward for troubled youth.