Cheaters Hadley P. Jackson

Hadley P. Jackson – Georgia

Hadley P. Jackson Is Convicted Drug Dealer With A Narcissistic Twist. He Makes Empty Promises, Plays The Victim And May Even Drive You To Suicide If You Don’t RUN !!! Hes Cunning And Deceptive, Manipulative To The Core. He Will Turn The Tables On You If You Tell Him He’s Hurt Your Feelings In Anyway & Blame It On You.. He Killed My Dog, My Self Esteem, My Dignity, My Life Basically.. Hes Just Like The Rest Of Them. A Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing. Hes An Ego Maniac & Will Throw You Onto The Streets With No Where To Go.. Hes Ruthless To The Core..I Hope His Daughter Gets That Treatment From Some Guy One Day & We Will See What He Does Then.. His D*** Is Always Limp & Its His Way Or The Hy-Way.. Eat S*** And Die Prick !!! DRUG DEALER !!! RUN FOR YOUR LIFE IF ANY GIRL OR OLD LADY READS THIS.. AMBIENT ABUSE IN STEALTH MODE. GAS LIGHTING IS WHAT ITS CALLED.I Tried To Kill Myself 2 Times Because He Drove Me Over The Edge.. I Now Have Permanent Damage To My Brain Because Of The Lethal Doses I Took.