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Guy Woods Sooke – Canada

I met Guy Woods on Plenty of fish. Apparently he has a wife and kids and was cheating with me, I didn’t know. He said he was single in his profile. Was a sick jerk. After dating him for a month I started getting suspicious and figured out he was lying. I also discovered he sells drugs out of his “clothing store” which is right next to a public school ! He is a disgusting excuse for a human. Lies, cheats, sells Ecstasy , Cocaine and Weed out of his fake clothing store right on main street of Sooke BC, and doesn’t get caught ? right next to a school ? how can this community let this scum bag live let alone support his store ? Guy Woods in Sooke is a Sicko ! keep your kids away from him, he sells drugs to under-age kids, and don’t support his clothing store. He rips people off too, so you’re supporting a drug pushing dealer who cheats on his wife and rips you off.