Canada Groupie Tales

Groupie Tales – Atlanta, Canada

there I was riding Quavo like a rodeo bull and I kept seeing his rumored “ girlfriend” Saweetie calling his phone back to back like a crazy stalker! I honestly didn’t know she was this desperate and pathetic to be chasing this wild boy. Like c’mon, he’s a new and upcoming rapper. You really think he’s gonna be faithful!? He is just publicly with her for the paparazzi. Lol Saweetie blew up his phone with voice calls, texts and even earlier when she was ringing his Facetime. He would just look at it DEAD, IGNORING IT. He said” people be so annoying blowing up your phone.” Lol Your boyfriend called you “people!” He ain’t wanna answer your calls chica! He was busy with me so stop harassing him!! I was with him all over Canada. No wonder he didn’t ask you to come to those shows, because this is how good he had it. He took me to bed and held me tight cuddling like he ain’t wanna let go, he watched me play with myself watching me intensely. He kept saying “ it’s so pink, open it up lemme see it. “ He said he wanted my creamy white pu55y to drip on his black d1ck. He was playing with my cl1t, he put his face close to it. He likes it wet, slippery, so he spit a water bottle size, not that I needed itJ He loves to talk sh1t while hes inside you, like, “ you ain’t neva had no d1ck like this in yo vanilla pu55y.” “ ouuuuuu your pu55y so good, ” “ Cream on the inside clean on the outside,” “pretty pink pu55y.” He kept opening it and looking down at it watching his black d1ck going in, then he’d start thrusting harder. I reverse cowgirled him while plating with myself. He kept saying, “ you know what you doin, you comin to see me soon.” He loves rubbing his fingers in my scalp, must be a heck of a change. Saweetie the pest called his facetime all night. The phone kept flashing and I saw her pic but we ignored it. He held me tight until we fell asleep. When I’m sleeping in the mornings, he always pulls me close to say he has to get some more of my creamy pu55y, that he can’t get enough. He’s real skinny, but his d1ck has some meat on it. He pulls his boxers off, spits on his hand, rubs it on his d1ck and slides it in. Mornings he’s like a jackhammer and always cums doggy style while pulling my hair. He loves opening me up from behind to stare at the pretty pink Saweetie girl. You know how Quavo loves to be right up against you even during missionary hugging you tight while staring intensely at you with his dreads hanging open. Yeah, picture that on top of me! Whatever dark tunnel he rode through of yours ain’t cut it for him! He obviously prefers vanilla! He keeps asking when I’m coming to Atlanta. Guess Saweetie is just his LA chic that he brings around for publicity trying to be the next Cardi B and Offset, even though she got trash music and obvi a trash cat.