California Grisel

Grisel — Sacramento, California

Ok… This tramp was f***ing one of our mutual neighbors husbands when I met her. Her name is GRISEL BARRIOS, 32 years old. She has told me all about how a judge made her sign her parental rights away and anonymously adopt her children out, with no contact… THAT’S THE KIND OF TRAMP SHE IS… I am not saying I am perfect, but this neighbor of mine was involved in the he’ll that ended with me and my husband separating for two years. She played the roll like she was my friend, and was a fake. I was hearr broken. I knew they were screwing around, of course they denied it. Anyway, on 07/03/2016 she gave birth to my husbands baby, which he has been denying is his as he begs for another chance… The worst and most sickly pathetic part… SHE GAVE THEIR BABY MY SON’S NAME! (yes my son is also my husbands son) I am barely keeping my self together. I do not want to give her the satisfaction of knowing how this has affected me. BUT… I want ALL of 10th AVENUE in SACRAMENTO, CA 95820 to know that she is garbage. KEEP YOUR HUSBANDS LOCKED INSIDE! P.s. She is wearing MY shirt that she stole from me in this picture!! (I think she wants to be me)